09/30/22 Smile You Son of a Bitch, 2022

Don’t spend it all in one place! Here, we’ll just ration it out to one a day to help you make it last.

09/30/21 Smile You Son of a Bitch, 2021

God, it’s already time again. Time to laugh, cry, and just.. relax. Everything will be okay, we’re here now. We’ve got this.

Smile You Son of a Bitch, 2021

I feel like I had more to say. This sorta snuck up on me. Same rules as every year, new page every day of October just a minute past midnight CST. Enjoy!

09/30/20 Smile You Son of a Bitch, 2020

I think you know what this means. I think we all know what this means. This is gonna be an October like you’ve never seen.

09/29/19 Smile You Son of a Bitch, 2019

Well shit, we did it again! Here’s the cover for this years SYSOAB.

Like last year and the year before it, a new comic page every day just one minute after midnight, Sew-Central time.

As an art note, I live in this notion of “fix it in post” even when not explicitly. I always seem to assume that I’m going to have more time to finish A Thing later when a deadline isn’t present. But I don’t, and every picture or painting seems to have an invisible deadline where I lose interest in refining it again to make it what I think ‘it should look like‘. This is where I either call the picture finished, or save it with a ‘_WIP’ thrown on the end and share it, effectively making it a finished piece.

This is bad, or it feels bad.

I’ve taken steps and identified the problem. Smile this year is ‘rough sketch -> rough ink’. I’m not sure why I always feel the need to turn my decent looking sketching into terrible inked layers that I then re-ink several times and loose all of my… well, my Me. I think it shows when compared to last years comics, and fun fact, each page took less time to make than last year.


10/20/18 H40

Get ’em! New Halloween was a lot of fun.

And we got SMILE YOU SON OF A BITCH goin’ on

10/07/17 Friday 13th – Lake Thoughts

Something from 2014 that I forgot I did (common around here) 

04/04/17 Four Pumpkin Porch

Forgot about this one! From Oct. 2016.