I love to make games, sometimes alone but usually with Hawk. I’m the lead artist for all and level designer for most of these titles. We are currently Crab Attack. Below is the list of games I’ve worked on.

Chaos Eater

A work in progress

Jesus Christ Bunny Rabbit Hunter
(March 27th, 2005)

A game about helping Christ foil a rabbit

[ Download: Size: 3.06Mb ]

Jimmy’s Vacation
(March 12th, 2011)

Jimmy’s very first adventure

[ Download: Size: 7.92Mb ]

Jimmys Incredible Journey
(April 21st, 2013)

Jimmy’s very last game

[ Download: Size: 1Mb ]

Magical Unicorn Adventure
(September 25th, 2008)

game info

[ Download: Size: 131Mb ]

Once Upon a Ninja
(July 25th, 2004)

game info

[ Download: Size: 1.11Mb ]

Patient 06
(June 6th, 2006)

game info

[ Download: Coming Soon, when I find it ]

Project `C`
(February 15th, 2004)

game info

[ Download: Size: 1.10Mb ]

Sins of the Past
(Oct 1st, 2017)

game info

[ Download: Size: 11.5Mb ]

Steps of Blackfoot
(January 1st, 2005)

game info

[ Download: Size: 4.21Mb ]

Video Memories
(October 15th, 2013)

game info

[ Play Here ]

Zombie Shovel Whack
(August 15th, 2021)

game info

[ Play Here ]

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