Chaos Eater

<p>A work in progress</p>

Chaos Eater – Colors Scenario 1

First pass at the colors for the characters in the first scenario. Need to make a few adjustments on the intensity for a couple of them. Other than that, no complaints so far.  Animations are limited frame-wise and sometimes feel kind of cheap because of it, but I’m glad I stuck with my guns because Chaos Eater – Colors Scenario 1

Chaos Eater – Bigger Sprites (imgdump mostly)

I don’t feel like my last post quite showed off exactly what I meant, at least in real terms of helping with scale. First image unrelated, just a chest I fixed.

Chaos Eater – Dioramas and Decisions

For a game I keep saying is my ‘top active project’, I sure don’t talk about or work on it any. I wind up taking large breaks while Hawk toils away in the salt mines, shifting all the walls. What this game visually is has changed a great deal since the start, and ended up Chaos Eater – Dioramas and Decisions

Spawn Object

Moved into a new house, much nicer, more room! Slowed me down a bit. Well, that and being really, really, really lazy.

Chaos Eater – Some Animations

Been working some more animations for Chaos Eater. Mostly just stuff for Apathy.