Chaos Eater

08/06/18 Chaos Eater – Colors Scenario 1

First pass at the colors for the characters in the first scenario. Need to make a few adjustments on the intensity for a couple of them. Other than that, no complaints so far. 

Animations are limited frame-wise and sometimes feel kind of cheap because of it, but I’m glad I stuck with my guns because the end results are sometimes pretty magical. (plus the time thing)

02/03/18 Chaos Eater – Bigger Sprites (imgdump mostly)

I don’t feel like my last post quite showed off exactly what I meant, at least in real terms of helping with scale. First image unrelated, just a chest I fixed.

Chaos Eater – Bigger Sprites (imgdump mostly)

01/25/18 Chaos Eater – Dioramas and Decisions

For a game I keep saying is my ‘top active project’, I sure don’t talk about or work on it any. I wind up taking large breaks while Hawk toils away in the salt mines, shifting all the walls. What this game visually is has changed a great deal since the start, and ended up landing at dioramas.

So to start, our tiles are weird, did you notice? They’re isometric from the top on two planes, but also cubes so they have to be drawn a very specific way to line up. It took me a little bit to get accustomed to it, but it gives the game this.. unique feel to it. It’s the same style of maptile that we used in Magical Unicorn Adventure, so my adjustment time really wasn’t unlike riding a bike. MUA being a depthless-sidescroller meant that I built those levels and tiles very differently, and they fit in a lot less for that style of game. I achieved more character and sense of place from the backgrounds in that game than from the tiles or level design. Chaos Eater on the other hand I think of as a series of little dioramas because I get to flesh out Z-axis this time as opposed to just the X and Y.  Hawk has made a pretty great little editor that isn’t lacking in features for this cause either. It’s very impressive to me that he even found a way to make editing a map with these unique maptiles simple. I don’t give him the proper praise for his ideas sometimes, but he usually has his finger on the pulse of ‘what I need’ to get work done long before I even realize it. (the worst is when he asks if I’d like X or Y to be added and I say ‘no why would I nee that’ only to realize a few days or weeks later that ‘shit how do I make this look like it was my idea’)


Chaos Eater – Dioramas and Decisions

08/29/16 Spawn Object

Moved into a new house, much nicer, more room! Slowed me down a bit. Well, that and being really, really, really lazy.


Animation Sheet


Spawn Object (image too large, couldn’t fix. “display model” anyway)

07/26/16 Chaos Eater – Some Animations

Been working some more animations for Chaos Eater. Mostly just stuff for Apathy.


Chaos Eater – Some Animations