Here are some photos of one of the more recent models I did, The Halloween Ringtail Vixen. Normal process is removing all the pieces from the runner (which I will often just call a ‘sprue’ but would like the record to show that I’m not ignorant of it’s more accurate name, just intentionally careless), dry fitting and cleaning the pieces, removing the mold lines, then gluing things, usually from base up. It’s kind of therapeutic like building a lego contraption, except without the directions to follow.

The longest part of assembly for me is always the cleaning of the mold lines, but goddamn they are so distracting even on an unpainted model. I made sure to snap a good photo of the one on her leg here.

She isn’t actually glued to her base yet though, she’s just stuck there with some Loctite Tak. It seems like my plan was/is to pin her and paint her separately from the base. Buuuut she’s pretty far back in the infinite queue.