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Spawn Object

Moved into a new house, much nicer, more room! Slowed me down a bit. Well, that and being really, really, really lazy.


Animation Sheet


Spawn Object (image too large, couldn’t fix. “display model” anyway)


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Chaos Eater – Some Animations

Been working some more animations for Chaos Eater. Mostly just stuff for Apathy.




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Website Finished

Website basically finished, though I’m sure I’ll be cleaning things up forever. This website is a modern version of my now super old ‘Sew Archive’. It’s purpose is to gather all the creative shit I’ve been doing all over the place and compile it in one location. This is useful for everyone, especially me when someone says “What have you even been doing with your life”, I can say “Nothing, check my website for proof”.

My major current creative project is Chaos Eater, and I’ll posting current progress about that while also playing a little bit of catch up with my older projects when I can. What fun.