Chapter: Gizcomic

Gizcomic – 30 – Block HARD

This comic was the spring-board of sorts for doing Smile You Son of a Bitch, and was damn near included as the first comic. It ended up being made a little too early, and I was a little too excited and just shared it without thinking.

Gizcomic – 29 – A Healthy Breakfast

The kids at school used to make fun of my son because he had a favorite spoon. We went through five gallons of milk a week and bought a trash compactor to deal with the empty boxes. Janie used to glare at me while she balanced the checkbooks, but the “World’s Best Dad” coffee mug Gizcomic – 29 – A Healthy Breakfast

Gizcomic – 28 – Game Over

Gizcomic – 27 – Outsourcing

Gizcomic – 26 – Of Ghost and Men

Gizcomic – 25 – All Good Things

Gizcomic – 24 – Great Expectations

Gizcomic – 23 – Robot Love

Gizcomic – 22 – First Base

Gizcomic – 21 – Brotherly Love