Zombie Shovel Whack – 2021

Sometimes you just decide to divert 24 hours into a game. This is likely to see some further development, but for now, Zombie Shovel Whack Play our little 24-ish hour game here:

Patient 06 – “advertisement”

Found an old text advert for 06 that Hawk had apparently written up. Far away from any cities, there lies a mental asylum hid from most but those who know the ones who lay inside. It is at this very place that the daughter of a man arrives, visiting her dear father once more. But Patient 06 – “advertisement”

Chaos Eater – Colors Scenario 1

First pass at the colors for the characters in the first scenario. Need to make a few adjustments on the intensity for a couple of them. Other than that, no complaints so far.  Animations are limited frame-wise and sometimes feel kind of cheap because of it, but I’m glad I stuck with my guns because Chaos Eater – Colors Scenario 1

Chaos Eater – Bigger Sprites (imgdump mostly)

I don’t feel like my last post quite showed off exactly what I meant, at least in real terms of helping with scale. First image unrelated, just a chest I fixed.

Chaos Eater – Dioramas and Decisions

For a game I keep saying is my ‘top active project’, I sure don’t talk about or work on it any. I wind up taking large breaks while Hawk toils away in the salt mines, shifting all the walls. What this game visually is has changed a great deal since the start, and ended up Chaos Eater – Dioramas and Decisions

Patient 06

This game has become slightly more relevant recently as it served as base-inspiration for our Dreamhack entry Sins of the Past. Patient 06 was planned to release on 6/6/06 but never saw the light of day. This game was our third and final-for-a-decade attempt at a light-system game. I knew the light system from Project Patient 06

Sins of the Past – Concept Dump

Art dump from Sins of the Past, a 72hr game made for the DreamHack Jam 2017. Instead of deleting all of these (like I normally would), I’ll just leave them here instead.    

Video Memories

Video Memories is the first game made under our Crab Attack title. Not really sure if that means anything, but it’s like, trivia, or something. It was made for the maiden Asylum Jam in 2013, a contest with only one rule: “You should not use asylums, psychiatric institutes, medical professionals or violent/antipathic/’insane’ patients as settings Video Memories


This is the first screenshot I ever remember taking. It’s from the non-existent Zombie Shovel Whack (mentioned briefly here). I’m not completely sure if the screenshot ever got posted anywhere or if it was just something I did to share with Hawk. The sprite itself wasn’t made by me, either. My first real internet friend, HelloWorld.Gif

Once Upon a Ninja – Poster

Taken from the readme file included with this gem: Once upon a ninja is a game about Aya’s quest to find treasure, in order to save her starving village. The actual game revolves around Aya sneaking around a castle, trying to gain three treasures. Once she gets all three she can return to her village Once Upon a Ninja – Poster