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The Sewtennial Case : A Sewjima Story


Friday Night Movie List

We started watching movies after Season Two of the Last Drive-In ended in August of 2020. Two movies a night with some exceptions.



Smile You Son of a Bitch, 2021

God, it’s already time again. Time to laugh, cry, and just.. relax. Everything will be okay, we’re here now. We’ve got this.

Smile You Son of a Bitch, 2021

I feel like I had more to say. This sorta snuck up on me. Same rules as every year, new page every day of October just a minute past midnight CST. Enjoy!


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Zombie Shovel Whack – 2021

Sometimes you just decide to divert 24 hours into a game. This is likely to see some further development, but for now, Zombie Shovel Whack

Play our little 24-ish hour game here:


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KD:M – Halloween Ringtail Vixen

Here are some photos of one of the more recent models I did, The Halloween Ringtail Vixen. Normal process is removing all the pieces from the runner (which I will often just call a ‘sprue’ but would like the record to show that I’m not ignorant of it’s more accurate name, just intentionally careless), dry fitting and cleaning the pieces, removing the mold lines, then gluing things, usually from base up. It’s kind of therapeutic like building a lego contraption, except without the directions to follow.

The longest part of assembly for me is always the cleaning of the mold lines, but goddamn they are so distracting even on an unpainted model. I made sure to snap a good photo of the one on her leg here.

She isn’t actually glued to her base yet though, she’s just stuck there with some Loctite Tak. It seems like my plan was/is to pin her and paint her separately from the base. Buuuut she’s pretty far back in the infinite queue.


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KD:M Terrain – Eggs

I have a bunch of stuff to share as soon as I find the all photos I took that I don’t hate. Here are some eggs I made about 2 years ago out of Sculpey and glue and.. toilet paper. Oh, And a dryer sheet at one point, but that didn’t really pan out. Few extra notes on the images. Not much to say about this other than “mixing super glue and pva glue makes nice effects”. Nothing special with the paint job either, just I think 3 colors dry-brushed.


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Smile You Son of a Bitch, 2020

I think you know what this means. I think we all know what this means. This is gonna be an October like you’ve never seen.


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Patient 06 – “advertisement”

Found an old text advert for 06 that Hawk had apparently written up.

Far away from any cities, there lies a mental asylum hid from most but those who know the ones who lay inside. It is at this very place that the daughter of a man arrives, visiting her dear father once more. But on her arrival she finds not her father, but a flashlight and an abandoned building with not a soul in sight… yet her path is barred by the door that so easily once let her in. Soon, she travels upwards with little elsewhere to go.

*Real-time tile based lighting system with support for multiple light sources and lights blocked by walls. Runs at a solid 30 frames per second.

As she travels down the empty halls with little indicating her progress, she begins to hear a sound from somewhere else in the building. Might others still be around? The sound grows closer, she discerns that it’s coming from her right. Soon she can make it out: footsteps. Soon she hears a creeking door from the same direction. As they grow closer she panics and begins to run.

*Hear where the monsters are without seeing them with a sound system that accuratley sets volume and panning based on enemy direction.

As she runs the steps grow ever louder, echoing throughout the empty building. As she runs she notices lockers attached to the walls, seeing no other alternative she quietly opens one and slips in as her heart races. She looks out from within it and hears the footsteps passing, as whatever it is goes by she hears a gruff cough and then an inhuman growl. But soon it is gone from hearing. Slowly her pulse slows as the pressure fades.

*Anxiety bar system, the bar never goes down every 10 increments and the slightest scare can make it go up. Fortunatley you can bring it down by hiding in a secluded spot, but good luck cheating it when there is no saving. At 100, it’s game over.

After enough time has passed, she slowly opens the locker door and departs from the site, moving further up the abandoned building. As her quiet footsteps echo across the floor she suddenly hears a crunch. She looks down to see crushed glass beneath her boots. A growl is heard faraway. Backing away from the glass, her bootsteps seem increasingly loud as she walks, the footsteps of the creature growing louder at the same time. When she stops, the other footsteps stop.

An idea comes into her head and she takes her boots off, tiptoeing around. The other footsteps are still gone. Congratulating herself she breaks into a run only to find a stabbing pain in her foot, looking down and holding back a yelp she finds her feet bleeding among shards of glass. A sniffing is heard. Panicing, she runs through the glass, letting out a yelp once the pain gets enough to her. A growl. The sniffing.

*Variety of monsters that hunt with advanced AI by sight, smell, sound, and more.

Her heart beats ever faster, the footsteps and sniffing growing closer. She can hear a licking nearby, back where the glass was. Directly in front of her she hears the scraping footsteps that pause from time to time, listening for her. She runs into something, it’s icey cold. Hands. She screams and something clammy clasps her feet, she trips and falls down. She puts forth an effort to get up, but the almost-dead feeling limbs keep her clamped down. Then.


*Dynamic music that changes based on the situation along with an always-changing environment to make every playthrough different.

Coming 2006.

Programming – SDHawk
Graphics – Sew
Music – Drule


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Jinkies, minis!

A few years back I had purchased Betrayal at House on the Hill and fell in love with it and it’s randomly user-drawn house system. The game having 50 ‘Haunts’ or scenarios that could unfold based on what rooms were drawn was also a big plus. This means that having the same Haunt twice doesn’t even feel repetitive since the house is going to be completely different every time.

I saw where some people over on BGG were modifying their game to be Scooby-Doo themed, at least the character cards and minis. This was right up my alley, though I wasn’t satisfied with the miniature options I was seeing people using. Most were cardboard standee cutouts, and some were pewter pieces from a Scooby-Doo version of Clue or Monopoly. This not being good enough, I started hunting.

The lack of Scooby-Doo miniatures troubles me.

There were very few options. Newer version of Monopoly and Clue seemed to be using either cardboard standees or some type of pewter mini bust, no longer in print were the full body pewter minis. Generic Scooby-Doo games that would pop up here and there also just used cardboard standees because it’s way cheaper than trying to figure out what these kids look like in 3D and messing it up. Of the actual miniature options, there is a Scooby-Doo themed train set that goes for about $300 bucks and comes with a few poorly painted Polly-Pocket style and size minis. (Speaking of, there are allegedly at LEAST TWO Scooby-Doo theme micro-machine style playsets that I can barely find any information on but would give an arm for) and some war gaming miniatures that are ‘inspired’ by the gang, but a little more gritty and apocalyptic (possibly fitting) but seemed out of print as well.

After all my searching, I only found one sort-of practical solution.

I snagged a copy of The Electronic Talking Scooby-Doo Thrills and Spills Game! off of e-bay for around $20. I primed and painted Scooby, Fred, and Shaggy. Theeeeen sort of forgot about it and never got around to the last two. I think I may have been upset with a botched spray paintjob on shaggy, causing him to be a little rough to the touch, I think it was only then that I realized there we only one of each mini except Scooby. So I just.. sat it aside since I didn’t have any real practical purpose for them anyway.

Well, cut to now and we have an actual Scooby-Doo Betrayal game dropping this week (in addition to ANOTHER Scooby-Doo board game, but more on this later) so I finally go around to finishing painting these bad boys. I’ve learned quite a bit since doing Scooby, Fred, and Shaggy initially, so I also ended up touching up and resealing each of them. I opted to not paint the eyes in on any on of them except Scooby since the minis are already sort of off-character-model enough that it may draw more attention to that and make ’em look even more off model.


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Smile You Son of a Bitch, 2019

Well shit, we did it again! Here’s the cover for this years SYSOAB.

Like last year and the year before it, a new comic page every day just one minute after midnight, Sew-Central time.

As an art note, I live in this notion of “fix it in post” even when not explicitly. I always seem to assume that I’m going to have more time to finish A Thing later when a deadline isn’t present. But I don’t, and every picture or painting seems to have an invisible deadline where I lose interest in refining it again to make it what I think ‘it should look like‘. This is where I either call the picture finished, or save it with a ‘_WIP’ thrown on the end and share it, effectively making it a finished piece.

This is bad, or it feels bad.

I’ve taken steps and identified the problem. Smile this year is ‘rough sketch -> rough ink’. I’m not sure why I always feel the need to turn my decent looking sketching into terrible inked layers that I then re-ink several times and loose all of my… well, my Me. I think it shows when compared to last years comics, and fun fact, each page took less time to make than last year.



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